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Relationship issues with a close friend

about 1 month ago

Hi, I’m Gabrielle Ariane 21/03/1988 and i live with a close friend of mine for almost a year now. His name is Daniel 14/04/1956 and we do have a lot of problems between us because he does have feelings for.me and knows that its not exactly the same on my side. He is very controlling, jealous, and possessive . I can’t talk to any other men without having a big fight with him because he is jealous. Basicaly, i want to know if all this madness and fights will end and if things will get normal and better between us? Thank you

about 1 month ago

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see if he will change he will get balance with you. I see a lot through and i will tell you . On line now Live chat. I have specials. Blessings

about 1 month ago
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Hi I’m kelley June 13 1981 and I have a close friend his name is Robert October 24 1978 and I dont know where I stand with him sometimes. I don’t know if hes wanting a relationship or he just wants to remain friends hes very complicated and confusing at times

about 1 month ago

Gabrielle Ariane,

While you are expecting Daniel to change in order for you to feel at peace with him, he’s expecting YOU to change in order to fulfill his desires.

I’d be happy to provide you with a lot more details and can tell you how this will play out.


about 1 month ago

Please come to me for truth

29 days ago

hello, i have all the answers to the questions you have been seeking, let me help guide you out of the darkness and into the light! i’m also having a $10 special on all readings :)

24 days ago

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